Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lessons from the Little Store.

Austin has been working at the little store located in the highly secure gated community for several months now. This morning, he is actually off work. Funny thing about Austin and that little store? The lessons we continue to learn from it. The following is an example of one such lesson.

There is no question that Austin has great love for the little store. It actually pains him when the store is not in the condition he knows it ought to be in and should strive to be in. Whether it is the produce section or aisle 3 where the jello is at - he wants to the store to be in tip top condition.

Austin is surrendered to God. That's part of where his love for the little store comes from. He sees what he does there as a way to show God's love. Does it really matter if all the jellos are faced the same way? To Austin it does.... it shows someone cares and takes the time to attend to that section of the store instead of overlooking it and saying it does not matter as much as the bananas. Oh.. speaking of bananas - they are the top selling item in the little store.

Ah... the lessons that come from the little store. And from the sixteen-year-old who does not just see it as a job.

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