Saturday, March 1, 2008

Warning: UnPure Topics Ahead.

It's Saturday morning and Austin actually has the day off from work at the little store in our highly secure gated community.

The two of us decided to hang out and spend some time talking as mother and teenage son in the privacy of mine and his daddy's bedroom. The rest of the household was busy. So.... we knew we could really really talk.

It is no secret that I have very open relationships with my sons. But what happened this morning completely threw this mommy for a loop. I'm still not quite over it yet.

We were discussing various things when suddenly Austin said to me, "Those are UnPure topics. Do not EVER talk about those again."

Read the following at your own risk:

So.... from this mommy to Barney, Arthur, Comfy Couch, and etc. I'm sorry my sixteen-year old now considers you UnPure topics. Thanks for the memories! And thanks for the gift of laughter you caused Austin and his mommy to have this morning.

Still Laughing in Texas

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