Tuesday, February 26, 2008

That's Part of the Job

Yesterday I was talking with a woman... she said, "SO, I heard about you last week." I knew what was coming. Sure enough....

There are times in ministry, in leadership, when you simply make others mad. Where they do not want to hear what you have to say. Not even if it is the law.... not just Biblically speaking here. And you might even be called a name or two... or three... You might be talked about in certain circles. You might even have your phone ring out of your pocket... cell phone that is.

I won't apologize for being passionate about children. About roles and responsibilities as mothers and wives.

That's part of the job. Part of the call. Sure I have chocolate for women in my Bible study classes and candy on my desk for those who sit or pass by it. That does not mean that I am all sugary.

Part of the job is understanding that there are days when people love you, hate you, or somewhere in-between. It is necessary to accept that no matter what others think of you... you must go back to the One who truly matters the most.

Again.... do your actions/words line up with His Authority?

If it does... thank Him for it even if it is not pleasant for you to do.

There is a difference between just hearing and actually doing.

Thanking Him in Texas for strength that is clearly not my own

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