Tuesday, February 26, 2008

That's Part of the Job II

Okay.. before I even begin this post I just have to say...

We just had one of the coolest things happen in the middle of the day... A man walking in with another man whom he had led to the Lord. Way too cool... Shouting time! Wow...

Last week I had scheduled what I thought was going to be an off the hook type of closing for the last session of this particular Bible study. The women had all written letters to God surrendering whatever they needed help with in their marriage and in their relationship with God in general.. and not so... digging deep type stuff here. We were going to have a burning of the letters ceremony outside with David singing as they were going up in flames and turning into ashes. I was stoked. (that means excited.)

Fast forward this week... Today there is a burn ban here in G-town. A BURN BAN. Okay.. How could I possibly go ahead with my plans? It is illegal today to burn any thing.. any where here in G-town. Not to mention we are located on the top of a hill with lots of dead grass all around as well as homes. I am employed by the church in addition to being a teacher. We're talking serious no-no stuff. But what about my plans?

They got changed. Instead of burning them - we shredded them inside the classroom. David has been sick since the weekend and even though he's here.. technically - he is not here. He has no voice and frankly is green. (said with sincerest sisterly love of course)

If I had decided to go ahead with my plans - even though for today it is illegal - I would been completely saying I was above the law. I'm not. It is possible we could have burned those letters and nothing else would have happened. Well, except what kind of lesson would I have really taught today?

That's part of the job as well...

Thankful for the burn ban and plans changing

(Yes: David T.)

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