Sunday, February 10, 2008

Undeniable Surrender.

It's hours after we left the physical church building. I've had my Sunday afternoon nap... I sit here drinking my hot tea and reflecting over the day so far.

Undeniable surrender is what comes to my mind and heart at this moment......

I must confess that this morning's first worship service was one that I did not want to leave... or to be over... The baptismal waters flowed at the beginning and at the end.... individuals were raising their hands in confession as we sang "I Surrender All." Lives were being transformed and His presence was clearly there. As I walked out the doors and headed up the stairs... I knew more was to come. It was merely a continuation of what had been started.

Brother G filled in for a dear friend of ours in his Bible study class. He first had to explain that he was indeed my husband even though he looks so incredibly younger than the man I'm normally seen with. Losing the goatee definitely did that to him. As he shared about his decision to shave it off - I couldn't help but watch faces.

His shaving off his goatee was more about being willing to do whatever it takes even if it seems rather silly to us. That there are some battles to be had and others are truly not worth the fight. Two individuals in particular I couldn't help but feel their eyes on him as he spoke... They were listening intently.

He went on with the lesson for today and in the process - really stepped on some toes. He gave some suggestions on how to love the unlovely - or as I call them even - the unseen. He talked of the country club and how we need to get real for and with Jesus. How it is not about just those inside the walls..... He also talked about our Marine.

I've been exceedingly careful what I've posted in regards to David especially since he got injured.
But since Brother G spilled his beans this morning.... We weren't sure how exactly how Brother G was going to get to see David... if at all.. We're in Texas.. He is in Bethesda. Between schedules and the cost financially to get him there = uncertainty..... David and his wife do not understand why he has not come yet.... Out of all the family... why not him yet? He's not just David's flesh and blood brother... they truly see him as their pastor. David's & his wife's pain is more than physical.

When the class was over, I was in the hallway talking with a friend.. A woman stood inside the door and motioned for me to come back in.. It was one of the two I had noticed earlier..

What was about to happen - my mind still has not fully grasped. Instead of asking for us to pray for them... they wanted to pray for us... for Brother G and myself and our family... The man laid his hand on Brother G's shoulder and she took mine in hers.. and he prayed a prayer thanking God for what HE is doing in our lives and for the testimony he is seeing lived out... He prayed for the church that Brother G will pastor soon.. The rest, I let stay between those hearing and speaking... We all hugged and I thought that was it.... I was wrong....

Little did I know that after I left to gather up our sons and my mother to take them home... Brother G was approached by another person who had been in the class. Needless to say - when he can arrange to go - his plane ticket is paid for. Brother G won't let pride stand in his way from accepting this generous offer.

Undeniable surrender comes in many fashions and forms...

It is a process. It does not happen in one moment..

It is a daily commitment... A daily choice freely given.

What do you need to surrender undeniably today... this moment?

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