Wednesday, November 21, 2007

No Ordinary Wednesday.

The temperature here in G-town has drastically changed compared to this time yesterday. It actually looks and feels the way that most say November should. As I sit here looking out the window, I can see the limbs on the trees moving due to the wind blowing. The 80's are a memory of a day gone by...

I had a hot date earlier for lunch. Brother G was out making a hospital visit. I invited my date into the kitchen to cook with me. I watched his every step... and he mine.... until there were noodles on my foot and the floor. We laughed. We sat at the bar and just talked. Our subject matter varied from the housing market to how well we cook together. His kisses either make me smile from ear to ear or make me bust out laughing. At times, I have to remind myself he is only nine.

Austin is at work today at the little store inside the highly secure gated community. I took him his jacket just as he was getting ready to take a lady's groceries out to her car. It may be cold outside and yet, I know each person that Austin takes their groceries out for will feel warmth... He closes their trunks with "God loves you." I thought that maybe his bosses might get some complaints about this. Quite the opposite has happened.

Travis spent time with his Gma today on the fairways and greens. Her boyfriend is under the weather and wasn't up to a game of golf. When they came in, I offered them some lunch. They had already eaten. They had shared a hamburger and fries together up at the club. There was a hilarious story about the clubhouse guys having to come to the rescue in regards to the purple golf cart. Trav's face is red. He said that if he knew he was going to be playing more golf this week... he wouldn't have gotten a flat-top. What a pair they make... A 65-year old woman and a 13-year old boy who plays better than some men.

Brother G is out being the lawn pastor at this moment. He has a major paper due here soon that he had planned on working on when returning from the hospital. And yet, as so often, his plans changed. How could he tell the man lying in the hospital bed with pneumonia, heart problems, and cancer that his paper was more important than taking care of his lawn? His paper is after all on ministering to the elderly.

As I look back out the window, it appears that the sun is now peaking out a bit more than before. I don't know what window you're looking out this moment.... I pray you are more hot than cold... And if you are just taking a peek... may you see a glimpse of fallen leaves worth jumping in and throwing up in the air.

The limbs are really dancing with joy.

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