Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Roots

Today I climbed a tree and sat a while on its branches
While gazing upon the beauty around me – I smiled deeply
Feeling the wind blowing gently across my face – I blushed
When thinking of how you love me – I sat in amazement
Upon climbing down I realized just how often you hold me!
You are my Strength, my Deliverer, and my Song! My Roots…..


For those who wanted some poetry. And yes, I actually climbed a tree that day.


kent said...

Been a long time since I climbed a tree. Probably will be a lot longer.

Camey said...

well... look who it is! nice to see you kent.

Andrew Hamm said...

I need to climb a tree. As a teen, I did some of my beth reading and thinking in trees.

Camey said...

Glad to be of encouragement to you then Andrew. And thanks for sharing your thoughts.