Wednesday, September 26, 2007

On Parenting. On Prayer.

On Parenting:

1) The best example EVER on being a parent is God. He has written The Book on the subject.

2) Your child(ren) watch you. What are you modeling to them this moment?

3) If your child was to see your bank statement and/or credit card bills.... where does the money go? what does it say about your heart and mind?

4) If you are married.... does your child(ren) see a real love relationship between you and your spouse or just two people living in the same house?

5) "I am sorry. Will you forgive me?" These are powerful words as a parent...

On Prayer:

1) Prayer is meant to draw us closer to God.

2) Praying together as a husband and wife can not only help strengthen your marriage in all areas... but in doing so... it can also strengthen your willingness to parent together instead of against each other.

3) Praying with your child(ren) is a privilege and can be such a bonding time together... a real legacy.

4) Prayer is like talking with a best friend. That's what He wants to be in our lives. Not just a casual acquaintance. He can handle being our Father and best friend.

5) Prayer is powerful. It can literally change the heart of the one who is praying. And it can definitely change one's life.

Parenting and Prayer go hand-in-hand.

Teach a child to pray and you've given them the best life line in the world. They may not ever be a millionaire.... yet they will be rich beyond monetary value.


bryan said...

Great thoughts! I've learned that one of the hardest things to say to my kids but one of the most meaningful is, "Daddy's sorry".

Camey said...


Thanks. Appreciate you sharing! Oh... how is that porch swing?

Praying for you/yours,