Thursday, September 27, 2007

He Was 47. Pray.

This morning we received word that a member of my mom's side of the family died suddenly yesterday of an apparent heart attack while on a tread mill.

He was in Washington State on a business trip. They will have to perform an autopsy to definitely determine the cause of death. He was a Christian, married to a Godly woman, and the daddy of 4 kids..... one of which has Downs Syndrome. He had two brothers and one sister. Too many other family members to list..... His funeral will have to wait until his body can be returned to Texas.

His dad, who is also.... my mom's brother Joe, was diagnosed with cancer a couple of weeks ago. He had just stepped down from the church he was pastor of in Oklahoma due to his health. He and his precious wife are still in the processing of moving back to Texas. Uncle Joe has been referred to over the years as the marrying and burying family pastor. I don't think he ever expected to outlive any of his own children.

Please pray.

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