Thursday, September 27, 2007

Life and Her Arrangements.

Life... Life..... It goes to show that no matter how much we think we can plan things... In a single moment - things can change. And suddenly arrangements need to be made.

They have set the visitation for Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. down in their hometown. The service will be on Monday at their church. Given this information.... things on our own schedule, therefore, have changed dramatically... That is life in the moments... That is being a part of a family.... and in ministering to ones own family.

Please pray for all those who are currently helping Kathy during this time. Individuals from their church have graciously offered homes for our massive family to stay in starting tomorrow afternoon. That is how a church body should respond in times like this....

We are leaving tomorrow morning. The next few days were packed full of plans. They have all changed now... That is life in the moments... and life and her arrangements. For as much as we think we can plans things.... Life happens... and so does death...

God is good all the time even when we don't understand. And His plans are never wrong.

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