Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Early Morning Laughter

The gift of laughter has been ours this morning....

Last night my mom, Trav and Park made dinner as previously reported. They made two separate casseroles. One to stay here and one for mom to share with Hoover at his place. Off she drove to take it over there... Note: She cooked and then, drove....

This morning, with witnesses present, I told her that was the best pork dinner she has ever cooked in my 39 years of life and living. She just started laughing... and shared the following:

Apparently, Hoover thought it was so good that he had to ask, "Did you really make this?" Oh, he knows my mom so well. She confessed that Trav and Park helped her.

She then told him that she drove over there by herself. He asked, "You got that vehicle turned around by yourself?" (this refers to our crazy driveway)

Laughter. It is a sweet gift... especially early in the morning.

What makes you laugh?

Are you able to laugh at yourself and with others?

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