Monday, September 24, 2007

Various Subjects/Thoughts

These are some thoughts today.... They are in no particular order... And NO... not all I've had.

1) Yesterday was a bag of mixed emotions. (Can I get a witness here?)

2) The five of us had an amazing time during the afternoon session. Thanks Dr Ross. It was still a bag of mixed emotions.

3) Our children are 16, 13.... and 9. Hmmmmmm

4) I'm incredibly thankful to be married to a man who prays for his children. THAT makes him more Godly than what football team he roots for.

5) Watching a person sleep for 6 and 1/2 hours is tiring. I almost feel guilty for getting paid to do it. (okay that's two thoughts for one...)

6) My mom, Trav and Park were cooking dinner together. At first - I was scared. I was shaking in my bare feet. Just the thought of the kitchen afterwards....

7) Man! I had to ask forgiveness for thought #6. Thanks Juls!

8) Months ago I told Stacy it would be best for her to give up her son. She has now. What a fortunate little boy that his mother truly does love him enough to let him go.

9) Joel had a stroke. This was his second. The man drove himself to the hospital both times. Why are men so stubborn?

10) At the little store this afternoon.... the conversation about prayer with a woman and her mother... If #6 wasn't going to be happening, I would not have needed to go buy egg noodles. Mothers and daughters..... and prayer.....

Who and what are you praying for this moment?

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Juls said...

Yes, even when nice turns ugly after, it still matters.