Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dancing in the Moments.

There have been numerous times over the course of the last few days especially where there has been dancing in the moments. These moments can also be seen as "YES!" or "AHA!" moments. Just sharing a bit.... not all..... God is good all the time.

This week has been tremendously hard for Mae. She's been really down and fighting depression. She and I spent a good amount of time talking about those moments in life in which thinking back on makes her sad. In the past year, her life has changed dramatically. There is no denying that simple fact even though it is far from simple. I asked questions and she shared some of the pages of her life. As I was listening to the stories, as each one unfolded.... even in the midst of trials, suffering and pain.... there were reasons for joy and peace.

She uses a walker to help her get around. Yesterday, I purposefully didn't walk with her everywhere she wanted to go in the house. I was close by mind you... just not right next to her. When I'm not talking with her, cooking or cleaning, giving her meds or taking her blood sugar count, or watching her breathing as she sleeps or etc..... I sit at the table and read/study. At one point, she decided she wanted some thing to drink. Instead of jumping up and getting it for her.... I suggested to her that she look in the frig for herself and decide what she wanted. As she started walking past me... I started reading from a certain Psalm out loud. She stopped in her tracks and looked at me and said, "You know Camey? I haven't read my Bible today. I haven't wanted to pick it up." She then proceeded to get her water bottle out of the frig, walk back to her spot on the couch and pick up her Bible and began to read. We later discussed certain passages in greater detail. She said to me, "Reading the word has always been a part of my daily life. I was just being stubborn." We talked about how one should have joy in the midst of every day life and living. That our real joy should come from Him and His love. When leaving for the day.... I took her hand as I do each time and she squeezed it as hard as she could. She was trying to be all serious with me and she burped really loud instead. She smiled from ear to ear and we both just laughed. Ahhhh dancing in the moments. My time with her has been extended past September - God's plan permitting of course.

Austin earned his first paycheck this week. As his dad was cooking dinner, I walked upon a sweet and tender moment between the two. (Sorry, Austin. but dude... it was.) They were discussing in great detail about how the money was going to be divided up. It was parts of conversations that have been had over time as Austin has been growing up.... As his mother, I couldn't help but smile deeply watching and listening to that young man and his daddy. The teaching... what has been taught... oh.... but what has been caught... Dancing in the moments yet again.

Hubby, Trav, Park and some goofy woman went to the drive-in movie that was being held on our main parking lot at the buildings. Some of the church had gathered to spend time together. The night air was amazing..... Looking out from up on the hill.... seeing the town and her lights.... conversations that were had... hugs that were given and received... Yet again... dancing in the moments.

He is indescribable..... He is uncontainable.... And in dancing in the moments... it truly is Him who is all powerful.

Are you dancing in the moments with the Only True Star there is?

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