Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Hospital.

Last night the hospital was full of activity. There were bodies everywhere. Some young. Some old. Some the ages not easy to figure out. The pain so obvious and evident by the blood that was pouring out through not only their bodies but its languages as well whether spoken audibly or not.

One patient was a widow. Her immediate family is no where close. She is needing to clean house literally, sell and move to a less expensive place. Her tears were as real as dew on the grass in the mornings. As I was holding her in my arms.... she said to me, "I need help Camey." When she had gathered herself for a moment, she walked away... Standing over in another part of the hospital was a man. I knew he could help her in ways that I cannot. Some of her brothers will be helping her.. And more than likely some sisters too. They just needed to hear the scope of her illness.

Another patient saw me and went another direction after only saying hello.... She came back after a few moments. She looked me in the face but not in the eyes, and said, "I didn't want to share what I did. I prayed that He wouldn't make me. And yet, He did. I didn't want to come back again. Yet, here I am." She immediately looked down at her feet like she does. Her pain is not one that can be described with one word or two. I shared with her the prescription for helping ease her burdens. The recovery time will be slow. It may take years. She finally looked me in the eyes as I was reaching out my hand. She took it for a moment, squeezed it and then let go. There was a glimmer of hope. The darkness not as dark as before - like a nightlight was turned on.

One patient was a child - a little girl. She was needing to be hugged. She found me several times. There were two other generations of little girls with her. As the four of us were standing there talking about what cures they thought they might possibly have..... There were smiles and yet past them were the clouds of doubt and disbelief that they would truly be the answers. There are ways that seem so right to them. And yet.... more pain will likely follow.

There were other patients coming and going. Some responding and others looking at their shoes as they walked down the various halls in a daze. At this hospital there are many different wings and yet they all have the same Great Physician taking care of each one of them. They just may not realize their need for One yet clearly. Or if they do... they still might be in the "I know what's best for me to do......" Or perhaps.....

There's a hope inside of them that knows that no matter what tomorrow holds.... complete healing is only possible through Him.

What kind of patient are you? For we all are one.

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