Friday, August 31, 2007

On Grief.....

There are so many hurting right now over the death of Josh Fant. While many find comfort that Josh was a Christian..... naturally that does not completely take away the grief that is felt from the loss of someone special to them.

My sista in Christ, Kat (reGen) left a comment on the last post. I hope you will take the time to read it. Thank you dear woman!

There are stories that tell of grief over losing someone special... My personal favorite story is that of the women who came to Jesus' tomb after he had been beaten and died upon the cross. WHAT? Seriously? Seriously. Why? Had it not been for his death, burial, and then resurrection.... what point would there have been to life? We would have been separated from God forever.... eternity. Not just for a moment.......

The women were the first to find out that Jesus was not there.... HOPE was alive and well.... They came to his tomb expecting to find Him... He was not there.... Death had been conquered! He was truly alive!

In my own personal story of grief.... The fact that Jesus died for me (and you) means more to me than any one else dying... Do I know the pain of losing someone near and dear to me? Yes, my daddy. Do I know the agony of watching him have highs and lows with numerous nights and days spent in the hospital? Yes, I do... Yet, had Jesus not died.... Honestly? It would matter not about my own daddy.

I know you're reading my words and thinking to yourself perhaps.... "Man! Is she ever in denial about her daddy dying." Nah.... My daddy was just a man. An amazing man but still just a man. Jesus is Jesus.... He is/was God. And nothing or no one can compare.

There is grief that comes with the death of someone special. Grief can be overwhelming... no doubt... But it is what we learn from our grief and how we live on in and through grief that counts so much..... Grief can make one bitter... Don't let it keep you that way.....

God is there for you...... And that my friend is the best source of help any one could ever have or receive.

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