Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Prayer Requests...

Please pray for the following:

1) Josh Fant & all involved..... he has blinked his eyes and nodded. They have found a medicine that they think might help him. He is surrounded by numerous family and friends. And Fox 4 - our local news will continue to follow his story.

2) Found out last night that my mom's brother Joe has prostate cancer. Joe has been a pastor for many, many years. Most of the time as a bi-vocational pastor.

3) A couple of other pastors who are going thru a really hard time right now.

4) Hubby's brother David. I'll leave it that he is a Marine.

5) Joy..... no not a person.... that more individuals will find joy in living life because of Jesus Christ. Not happiness... JOY! (Thanks Leonard)

Stay tuned..... A testimony about Love Granbury from Kayla coming up!

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