Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Michael S. - Give All the Glory to God

I got the opportunity this summer to go on mission trip to Kentucky. we went to a place where just about everyone lives below the poverty line but none of them are poor. they are all rich with life and love and they are very proud of where they come from. We got to put on a VBS for the kids of pikeville through the YMCA. We set up everything, taught the lessons, sang the songs, and even ate lunch them. We spent our church group time every night working on the lessons for the next day which none of us wanted to do but it paid off more than we ever thought it would. After lunch we were split into two teams to go out and work on houses. My team had the privilege to work with a church who provided the tools we needed to work on the house. We forgot our tools at home because we were more worried about our van situation. When we left for Kentucky the van rental company bailed on us leaving us with only a huge a charter bus that could not make it to the homes. Shelley explained our situation at the leaders meeting the first night and a man from epworth baptist church in Georgia told Shelley that he was driving the vans for his church and since we did VBS in the mornings the timing was perfect and he was able to drive us to our job sites. And his church was finishing up a house that had been working on the previous so they finished the first day and were able to come help us the rest of the week. this is a perfect example of how God works. We were so blessed and God was definitely with us. And When we were out working on the houses the only complaining that went on was when somebody didn't have something to do. Everybody was worn out by the end of the week but we never slowed down. The only reason we didn't finish our house is because the doors and window's we ordered did not come. It was the best mission trip i have ever been on. The Lady at the YMCA said we were the most prepared group the had ever seen not to brag on us because God helped each of us as we taught, as we played the games, and as we sang the songs so all i can say is give all the glory to God. This a very successful trip and i am looking forward to next year.

Michael S.

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Krystal H said...

yea michael that was GREAT!! mission trip was just amazing...no words can ever sum it all up. God just did amazing things. what would we do without him? this was my first mission trip, and i can definatly say that i will go again. i encourage everyone to go and have the experience. i wouldnt trade it for anything. im sad i missed out on so many chances to go...i thank the members of lakeside for making our trip possible. you are all GREATLY appreciated. :)