Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A Few Items.

1) Please pray for Austin today as he is finally having toe surgery. He'll be off his feet for a couple of days at least.

2) Love Granbury - please check out www.lovegranbury.org Come be a part of showing others His love! Check back here later in the week for more specific details....

3) Testimonies! More to come.... if you're sharing one, you may send it to me via email at cameybelieves@charter.net or thru myspace. Now... if you're Ryan.... you can submit it directly here. (RYAN!! Get er done.)

4) Hoover (aka my mom's boyfriend) had eye surgery yesterday. It wasn't completely numbed. OUCH! Please pray for him as he heals and prepares for another surgery in a few weeks.

5) As always..... feel free to comment, submit prayer requests and etc..... If you would like to have some thing posted here for your specific area of ministry - just let me know!

HAVE A GREAT DAY! If you need a laugh.. Check out the pics at the end of Imperial March or Imperial Sugar.

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