Thursday, August 9, 2007

Construction Zone.

On Tuesday, one of our oldest and dearest friends came into town with their son. When we first met - our oldest children were one... They are turning 16 soon. We then each went on to have two more children.. She is like a second mom to our boys as I am to their daughters and son. It was so great to see them. Man, talking on the phone just isn't always the same as sitting across the table.

Park went back to their house Tuesday afternoon. So, Wednesday found hubby and I driving to where we used to live to go and get him. How things around there have changed and yet some is still the same..... Their house is under construction due to remodeling and adding on...

There was a swing set and fort in their backyard where much time was spent over the years... It is now gone and something brand new is being built there instead reflecting growth and change. I couldn't help but let that speak to my soul. In truth, while I may have appeared to be standing there in the midst of the piers and beams.... I was face down on the floor covered in sawdust.. worshipping Him..


Anonymous said...

the FORT!!!! noooo!!! its goooooonnnnnnneeee!!!!

Camey said...

Hmmmmm i wonder who "anonymous" is.... I know... great memories.