Friday, December 28, 2007

Trouble. The Mayor. A Few Good Men.

Part of why I enjoy working Fridays at the physical church building is because of Trouble and The Mayor.. They always come by the desk before they walk out the doors. Well, they kind of have to given where the desk is.. but... they would make the trip any way.. We sort of love each other.

They come on Friday mornings to help get things ready for Sunday morning and/or for things that are needing to be mailed out. They both amaze the heck out of me honestly. Trouble is in her 80's; The Mayor - her 90's. And at times, can run circles around those watching them or thinking they might need help. Sure, there's things they physically can't do any longer.. But what they can do.. they definitely do.

Trouble and The Mayor worked this morning with Brother G and our three sons. I knew when it was time for them (Trouble and The Mayor) to leave - they would have some stories to tell.. It seems that Trouble wanted to give Austin a cup of coffee to drink. Austin knows his daddy, aka Brother G, does not allow him to drink coffee. She brought him a cup any way.. Austin would not drink it. Trouble, at first, thought Brother G was being a hard nose about it. But, by the time she and I finished talking about why Brother G has the position on Austin drinking coffee that he does - well, she was seeing it more clearly. And she definitely did not think he was being hard nosed any longer... Hugs and "I love you" were given as she headed out the door. But I can't forget about The Mayor either now...

The Mayor and her hubby walked up to the desk.. The Mayor thinks Brother G is handsome. Well, she and I definitely agree about that! She went on and on about how she enjoys spending time with him and the boys. Her hubby (a good man) talked about how much help my guys were to them today especially... (they were filling in for some other individuals) Her hubby is in his late 80's and by the sheer fact that he can keep up with The Mayor is impressive to say the least. Oh, "The Mayor" is a title she has since she has been with this local church body for so many years and around this town in general. Oh, how I greatly enjoy sitting at her and Trouble's feet just listening to them. Mr. Mayor too although he's not as loud... We don't always agree.. but

There have been a few good men around so far this morning. There's a folding chair here beside where I am sitting. It has been sat in a few times already today, and time has been well spent listening to these men in-between answering the phone. Someone refers to the chair as my couch but that's a different story. One man made a special trip to the physical church building to give money. Yes, he will be here on Sunday... he still came today... Got to love that!

Trouble, The Mayor and A Few Good Men... Better than popcorn and a movie!

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