Friday, December 28, 2007

Calls Being Answered.

Last night a hundred or so of us gathered to pray at the worship center. A couple of individuals made comments to me about remembering the first time they really came to know me... it was because of a prayer conference. I could not help but smile deeply. They were a couple of ones who did not understand why I was given the task of helping organize it. We had only been at the church around a year at that time when I asked a question. The rest is history or so they say... We've prayed together numerous times since then. Priceless times.

Randal asked everyone there to break up into groups. Brother G and I both knew we needed to be by ourselves. As he got down on his knees and took my hands.... it honestly was not only what we had been called to prayer about that he prayed. It was calls of several types. All that require deep deep prayer. Not surface prayers....

And since Brother G told who he needed to... I can share a bit.

For the next three Sundays... we will not be with the local church body.... Brother G is preaching at two different churches. One this coming Sunday morning, night and then the following Wednesday night. The following two Sundays, he is preaching both morning and night at a church in East Texas. And no, we're not going to the first church. He is still going to fill in while their pastor is on vacation. But we have heard clearly... no... The second church... well... that door just opened. Yes, they are small churches. But they are still just as much as His.

As individuals often tell me/us.... "Your family lives the weirdest life." Well, yes... yes... we do. And yet, calls are being answered. And we will continue to have faith in God for our lives are not our own....

He is God. He is the only one who gives us life.... His Word breathes. It is alive.

And living each moment has never been so exciting even in the midst of everchanging colors.

How long has it been since you've prayed deep deep prayers?

And are you willing to live a weird life if He calls you to no matter where?

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