Saturday, December 29, 2007

Certain Individuals.

This morning I am found with thoughts of certain individuals. Please excuse me if I appear to ramble some... If you see yourself.... know you are deeply loved.

There's this woman. I had the pleasure of sitting under her teaching and leadership. She can be blamed for the chocolate in my Bible study classes. We have since become prayer partners and sweet sisters in Christ. Her family is going through such an incredibly difficult time. The health of several family members is not good. Carrying to Jesus....

There's a guy who is like my little brother. If I had a little brother that is... He cracks me up and our time spent talking with each other is always filled with laughter even if the subject may be unpleasant. His wife is quickly becoming just as precious to me. It is a pleasure to carry each and their marriage to Jesus.

There's a certain confidante who is only an email, phone call, or drive away. His friendship is truly beyond words. Our relationship with him has gotten sweeter over the years. And in the last few months, even more tender. Carrying this man to Jesus is like taking a very piece of our own being.

There's this man.... He loves a woman who is not always easy to love. He cries out for wisdom that only God can give him in regards to this woman. This woman can make him smile, has made him cry, and has frustrated the heck out of him at times. And yet, he loves her more today than yesterday and not as much as tomorrow. And without question, all the same can be said about him in her eyes. Carrying him to Jesus is most definitely a privilege and responsibility that comes with marriage. And I would not miss one moment with him. Life is truly a journey that I am thankful to be on with him.

Certain individuals. Thank You Lord for each of these....

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