Thursday, December 27, 2007

Faith to Move Ahead.

This morning I've been thinking through the G family calendar as it is known right now this moment. Oh my. January is definitely looking like a different month. Yet, it is without a doubt proof of moving ahead.... going forward.

I'm not teaching Bible study group on Sunday mornings for the month of January. When this decision was reached by several parties.... I knew something was up. Didn't know what for sure... just knew. It is already becoming clearer. Not a complete picture mind you. Just a little bit clearer. And I'm beyond excited!

As of right now, this moment, I am scheduled to teach another class on Tuesday mornings. This one on marriage. I've also accepted an invitation to be a break out speaker for a retreat at the end of the January. The subject matter is one that we live daily. I've never spoken to a group of individuals about it before per se... but yet I'm beyond excited....

Wednesday nights, Brother G is scheduled to teach a parenting class and then a marriage class. He has asked me to consider teaching with him. And while I love what I have the pleasure of doing on Wednesday nights...... he does make a tempting offer....

There are other things on our calendar that I'm not at liberty to discuss this moment. That's how it goes with individuals in ministry sometimes. And yet, I can say that, yet again, I'm beyond excited....

All the pieces to the picture that January will be are not in yet... they are unknown at this moment. One thing God has taught me time and time again: You can plan but be prepared for things to change. At times, in a moment's notice without a calling card in hand.

Faith to move ahead. For my faith is secure in Him and not in myself or Brother G.... or anyone else. Faith in Him alone. And that is all that is needed to move ahead.... this moment.

Do you have faith to move ahead? And who is your faith really in?

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