Thursday, December 13, 2007

Moved Beyond Mere Words

Last night was beautiful in many ways. It is no secret that I love what I have the privilege of doing on Wednesday nights especially. With all that is going on with TfG, I wasn't really sure how last night was going to go.... Oh my....

As I stood there at the desk folding linen napkins for the dinner performances starting tonight... one by one they came by. The conversations flowed even in the midst of yucky weather outside and individuals running around in makeup and costumes all over inside.

There's one individual that I had not seen in a couple of weeks. Last night, she made a point of walking up to me and speaking from her heart... An apology was offered to me that blew me away. God is so at work in her life. I pushed her limits even on hugging.. but as she was walking away she said, "Thanks for pushing. Keep pushing." That's Him at work.... I'm only a part of what is happening.... This is where ministry for me is as real as typing on this keyboard.

As more individuals realized how long I was working on folding napkins (only 900 or so)... they started picking up napkins and helping me. This was so cool because it was evident that they wanted to do what they could to help make the dinner performances a success. And at times, that includes folding napkins as well as being on center stage performing. Even a certain doctor walked up and grabbed a few to help....

As I've stated time and time before... our lives are everchanging (it's not two words in my fluid vocabulary of living life) in so many ways... yesterday was no exception... I cannot go into real dets at this time... Yet, it is evident that prayers are being answered in ways that I/we honestly could have never imagined. How AWESOME is HE!

And I am moved beyond mere words. That, dear reader is only possible because of Him.

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