Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ooops. Join Us. Answers.


As Brother G and the boys lovingly pointed out to me.... We won't be home starting tonight through Sunday night. The porch light will be on when we are actually home... You are still invited to stop and visit when we are in the house..

Join Us:

If you haven't gotten your tickets yet for Two From Galilee... It's not too late. It will be an amazing time.... Don't miss it... More importantly invite someone who normally might not walk in to a church. The info can be found again here Ticket Sale Vital Information

For those who have asked:

No... Brother G is not singing.. He is going to be with Ms. Sharon cooking in the kitchen.
No... I'm not singing... I'm going to be plating food in the kitchen.
No... Austin is not singing... He is the lighting guy.
No... Travis is not singing... He is going to be one of the servers.. wait staff.
No... Parker is not singing. He is going to be doing whatever anyone tells him they need done.

Again.. Don't miss it... Hope to see you and a friend or two... or three... there.....

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