Tuesday, November 6, 2007

And the Band Played On.

Tonight will go down in our books as another first. Trav's band was playing for the game between the only two middle schools in town. Since Brother G was at the physical church building for a meeting... I had the privilege of being the chauffeur for Austin, Parker, my mom, Hoover (aka her boyfriend) and of course Travis.

It was fairly chilly outside given the fact that we've had a bit of a cold front come through since last night. Given the fact that it is November, it is greatly welcomed. Travis loves playing the trumpet as I've shared before. He really enjoys being in the band especially since most of it takes place during school hours.

Our sons do not participate in sports other than the occasional game of golf or shooting hoops in front of our home or throwing the baseball or football with their brothers and/or friends. We believe that most organized sports takes too much time away from our family and what we are committed to in living life. It is a decision that our sons fully support.

As I sat there videotaping Travis off and on..... I couldn't help but watch his face and how he interacted with the other middle school students. He doesn't miss a beat that is really important in his life. And the band played on.


Donkos said...

Camey, Thanks for sharing your blog. As a father of a son who is 3, and a daugher who is 1, I face a future of decisions related to activities, sports, and family time. How encouraging it was for me to hear that your family was rewarded by its decision to avoid organized sports. I don't know if we'll make the same decision--I played organized sports and enjoyed them as a kid--but I do know we will limit it to one per child. We've seen too many other families run themselves ragged between multiple practices and multiple games for multiple kids. Sports should challenge kids and teach them skills and life-lessons, not tear them away from their family structure.

Thanks, again, for your encouragement.

Matt Branaugh

Camey said...


Thanks for stopping by and being of encouragement right back. The decision was made when our two oldest sons were in elementary school. They had played several different sports by then. I totally agree that sports should not tear them away from their family structure. Only playing one sport per child is definitely a reasonable answer for most... yet even then, it depends upon each family's makeup.

Thanks again for stopping by and for your kind words.