Thursday, November 8, 2007

November 8, 2006 - 2007

I've been asked to reflect upon this day last year and my thoughts on what the Lord has taught me over the time in-between the dash until today. To start, I will share part of an email that numerous individuals received from me a year ago:

"Dear Ones, Today I walked outside the front door to get the mail. Oh how the warmth brushed my face and brought a smile to it with its touch. Upon returning to the door, I noticed a package in front of it, directly in front of it. The same door I had walked out of just moments before. The package was addressed to me. Upon opening it I found a box, a card and a certificate. Inside the box contained a heart, a cross and an anchor on a charm. The note read in part as follows: "A cross to remind us of why we do what we do, a heart to remind us to do all through His love and an anchor that grounds us when storms blow." Our God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He has no birth date. He has always been and will always be. So while the storm may appear to be blowing still in our grieving process, the anchor is secure. We are on solid ground. For while you all know how much I loved my daddy, it in no way compares to my Father."

As I sit here looking at that heart, cross, and anchor, I cannot help but smile and be filled with joy. Daddy passed on a week before his 66th birthday. The package arrived on November 8th - a week later. I've been asked to share specifically what I've learned about ministry since that day. It is from the perspective of a thankful heart that I share the following....

I've had some of the most difficult moments in ministry since that day. And yet, some of the most rewarding. The journey is one that keeps me on my knees and literally on my toes. I've been called to walk with the seen and the unseen and at times it has been surprising which ones are which. And yet, I know it comes as no surprise to Him. I've been in hotel rooms, on the side of the road, in the physical church building, beside a bed at hospitals, caskets.... just to name a few; wherever He has told me to go.

Through it all, I would have to say that the biggest blessings and lessons have honestly come from right where I am currently at this moment.... in the home... Our life is complicated and yet really very simple. Each of the individuals who live in this home are Christ-followers. Each are growing and seeking His face daily. We've cried tears, had the most serious of serious talks, laughed, hugged, and yes... as is expected, even at times, been angry. Yet, through it all we've learned to trust in Jesus.. God... even more.

Last night, hubby was talking to one of his aunts on the phone. As I sat there listening to him talk about daddy.... I couldn't help but smile so deeply in my soul.... I'm incredibly blessed to have had a Godly man like daddy. Yet, the one whom I was sitting on the bed beside of blows me away all the more. And honestly, it is all because of the heart, cross and the anchor that is God.... is Jesus Christ.

A Most Thankful Child of God

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