Friday, November 9, 2007

Pulled Up Street Signs

There are currently numerous pulled up street signs all over this highly secure gated community. I must confess... this perplexes the heck out of me. It also has caused me to think about the signs in our own lives.

When coming up to the end of our running buddies' street, there used to be a Stop sign. Now, it is hanging out in the grass as if someone has given permission to just turn one way or another without even stopping to look both directions. They live off one of the main roads that go through this highly secure gated community. It is full of twists and curves. Some of which are located right by their street. Just turning without looking both ways could result in an accident. Should there be a Stop sign or perhaps a Yield sign instead? Is a sign really even needed at all?

One sign that I think has been overlooked here in this highly secure gated community is in regards to the high population of deer. I, personally, think it would be greatly beneficial to have "Deer Crossing" signs in areas where the deer are known to hang out. Given where our home is, it is not uncommon to have 10 to 50 deer on either side of the street... at some point, they are going to want to cross the street. Can't tell you the number of times I've had to hit the breaks because of those precious deer. Oh, for those who don't know... if you hit a deer, you get a ticket. They even send an ambulance for the deer if it is hurt or killed. I know where the deer are for the most part because I live here. What about for those who are just visiting or are new? Yes, the deer are part of what draws many to this highly secure gated community and yet, they can be an utter nuisance. Or perhaps it us humans that are so....

Without signs, do we know which way to go or not? Do we know to slow down or that a sharp turn is coming up ahead? Do we know that 15 mph is the best speed instead of 40? Do we know that there is a school zone ahead? Do we realize the road we are on is a dead end?

While the pulled up street signs have perplexed the heck out of me.. they've also given me much food for thought:

  • Do we have pulled up street signs in our own lives?
  • Do we even really pay attention to most of the signs we see daily?
  • Do we come to a complete stop when the sign says to or do we just yield or slide right on by?
  • What signs need to put down firmly that aren't currently even there?
As always, your comments and prayer requests are welcome here. Let that be a sign that God loves you today wherever you are.

*This Just In via email: The signs were pulled up in masses due to a signage replacement program by the highly secure gated community. When will the new signs will be put into place? Now THAT remains to be seen. Until then, please drive with caution.


karen said...

ooh... this has me thinking. How many times do I ignore the "caution" signs? And how many times are they left up long after the danger is gone, and I proceed carefully when I should be going full speed ahead. How often do I stop, when I should just merge in with God's plan? Ah... the signs of life. I'm going to use this someday... thanks for getting me thinking...

Camey said...

You're welcome Karen. Please feel free to use it... And thanks for sharing your thoughts. Good stuff.