Saturday, October 27, 2007

Spiritual Intimacy: Lover of My Soul

It's funny really. As I was preparing to open up and write about what is truly the most important subject to me.... I went out onto myspace. Yes, I have one. There's this worship leader and singer that I have come to truly find myself identifying with. As I went to her page, I found this song for the first time. With tears streaming down my face... it reminds me all the more of why He is the lover of my soul and about the intimacy that I know with Him.

I've often been asked, "Camey? How can you believe in God... in Jesus.. when you have had the kind of life that you have?" Or of course there is the other response, "WOW! I can see why you believe." While there is so much talk these days about husbands and wives having real intimacy... I submit to you that it is only possible with Him. He must be the head of the relationship... the very foundation. Yet, that is not possible if He is not the lover of one's soul, of their very heartbeat.

In this crazy world we live in, we are bombarded with images and messages that tell us that we as an individual are the most important thing on this earth. Numeral Uno! There's this commercial where the "man of the house" gives a cell phone to each member in his family; his wife, his daughter, and his son. He tells him that he giving it to them because they are his #1. When he finally walks out of the house... he says something to the effect of "Now for the real number one. Me." That's not what I believe God had in mind when He created us. That's not what the Bible is about. It is The Real and True Love Story.

While there is no doubt that I love my husband and he loves me.... That is not all God intended. For God is the real lover of my soul. It is because of Him that I breathe. It is reading His Living Word that life really flows thru my veins. It is in Jesus that I am complete. Not in my husband... or in my children.... or whatever job I may have or do. Only because of Him... and with Him... through Him.

While others may be willing to die for me... for you..... They cannot truly sacrifice alone what He did. Their deaths cannot provide the type of security that He can. That is a strong statement for me to make given what is taking place in our world today. And before you go giving me a piece of your mind about our men and women... we have one who has been serving for years now literally in the thick of things. Yet, I submit to you... It is just as thick wherever you are reading this from... and from where I sit as well... There is a war raging in each of us.

And that is why Spiritual Intimacy is all the more the most important subject one can ever explore. For no one knows except Him what the next moment holds... or what tomorrow will bring. There is no one who can be closer than Him. And no matter what any one else says... No one who loves you more.. no matter where you may be or have been.

Who is the lover of your soul? And how long has it been since you've sat at His feet and been engulfed in the deepest of the deep that can ever be? Or have you ever even called Him by name?

More to come.. Stay tuned.


bryan said...

Well said, Camey!

Camey said...

Thanks, Bryan...