Friday, October 26, 2007

Happenings in the G.

The Cranny:

Jeffrey Cranford rocked yesterday. Who is Jeffrey Cranford? Well, he is a guy with a testimony that includes some balls (golf) and sharing Jesus with individuals in highly secure gated communities around the US - particularly ones with courses attached. He is a Pro-Golfer and a Golf-Pro. He is also the son of some great people who love others because of Jesus.

One of Jeffrey's main points yesterday to the crowd was that Jesus should be talked about whether on the course or sitting around a Bible study group of men in the clubhouse. That anyone... any one... can have a golf ministry that plays golf and knows Jesus. Jeffrey knew my dad. They were buds. My parents had a golf ministry. Well, let me rephrase that.. my mom sort of still does and we do given where we live. Yes, I know.. I still don't have a golfing bone in my body and Brother G is not allowed to play golf. (Read: His back; not me.) Yet, where we live for the moment is where we live... For the moment at least. And well, there are two golf courses and plans for a third in this highly secure gated community.

It was obvious that Jeffrey rattled some cages yesterday. Hopefully, some stones realized they could be moved into action if they would just be willing to. By stones I mean those individuals who have been so stuck in playing golf for the sake of playing golf only... Hello, People? Mission field and you get to whack things.

Jeffrey will be speaking to two different Bible study groups on Sunday morning at our local church building. Give him a listen if you live here locally. Oh, but don't miss hearing Randal during one of the three worship services! You can do both.

Open Eyes:

Talk about information city! The meeting last night at the American Town Hall scored big time. Meth. It is a huge problem here in the G. That is clear when eyes are truly open. More to come. Thanks to all involved with getting the info out.

Friday Night:

Homecoming game for public high school! Everyone be safe out there.

Love G-Town:

Saturday, October 27th, 9:00 a.m. - Noon.

This event is church wide.

Meet at our local church building for the scoop.

Head out to Wal-Mart or on the highway to show some LOVE!

Who's Preaching:

Brother Randal is preaching during all 3 services Sunday. As Randal says, "Are you listening church body? Our best days are ahead."

Parents! Heads Up:

Sunday, October 28th, 10:50 a.m. in The Attic (Student Wing)

Special Speaker: Sandi Black - Licensed Adolescent Counselor

Some of the topics Sandi will be covering...

- How do I help my child when they experience grief (death, divorce, etc.)

- How teenagers grieve differently than adults

- Signs my child may need counseling

That's it for happenings in the G for the moment. Or at least the ones that can be talked about.

You're loved and prayed for!

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