Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lord, I Feel You in This Place.

It's week 7 in the parenting class that I am teaching. This morning after hubby and I had our prayer time together, he said to me, "Oh, it's going to be good. You're gonna to be attacked." He was right.. I went to the physical church building looking forward to what was about to take place instead of wanting to climb back into bed and hide under the covers. Thank You, Lord, for that man.

This was an especially difficult subject today. It is one that I have struggled with over the years. It is one that individuals usually fall on one side or another. It can bring out heated opinions, lead to arguments, and create division instead of unity. Not today....

One thing that I am continuing to learn as a teacher is to listen. Really listen to the individuals in my class... Yet, most importantly of all, listen to the Spirit's guidance. Whether it be in prayer, preparing the lesson, in the class itself, or in conversations and through actions in-between.

My hubby and I haven't always had a prayer time together in the mornings. It is something that we've been convicted of and trying to consistently do over the last few months. Not for the sake of checking it off the list of "Things To Do" or even so that we can say we do it... It is one way that our marriage can grow stronger and truly be what God intends for it be.

Lord, I feel You in this place. And with You, I can stand even if my knees buckle.

Can you feel His presence wherever you are at this moment?

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