Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thoughts Among The Trees

The last couple of days have been wild. As I sit here listening to "The More I Seek You" while eating Blue Bell's Vanilla Bean ice cream, I cannot help but be at peace. It's funny really how that happens.

There's talk about our extended family going on a trip together in 2008. Destination - more than likely a beach. And while I do not think we (five of us) will be joining them, it has brought back some memories. Trips. Walking in the sand. Being covered from head to toe...

In 2000, the five of us along with my folks spent Thanksgiving in Galveston, Texas. It was a trip my daddy arranged. I had been ill for two years at that point. The purpose of the trip was for us to have the experience of the beach with the boys... walking in the sand... getting their toes wet.... building sand castles. They had so much fun.

I was able to walk in the sand with the use of a cane and either my hubby or daddy holding onto me. I could stand for brief periods by myself but wasn't all that stable in doing so. I had to be covered from head to toe to keep from getting too cold. If you were to see the pictures, I looked more like an old woman than a 32-year old. And yet, a smile still comes across my heart and face even when thinking back to it...

For even though I was covered from head to toe with a coat that was visibly seen on the outside, that wasn't what was really protecting me. And even though I had no guarantee of being well again, my hope was secure. It was not in doctors, hospitals, etc.. It was only in Him.

As I sit here among the trees, my mind goes back to that beach. I am thankful that we had the opportunity to go on that trip with the boys and my parents. And while I know my daddy always thought he arranged it..... Our Father knows better. He always knows what is best.

Remember I said the last couple of days have been wild? And yet, I have peace?

That only happens with Him.

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