Thursday, September 13, 2007

Valleys. Mountain Tops. In-Between.

This morning as I sit here reflecting over the many many conversations during the day and night.... the hugs, tears, deep pain, being fine, smiles, and dancing reminds me greatly of valleys, mountain tops, and oh yes... even the in-between..

I don't normally actually eat lunch with Ms. Mae. I fix her lunch and sit with her while she eats. Yesterday, it was clear to me that this bothered her tremendously. At first I wasn't sure why.... then, it struck me. Ms. Mae does not see me as just her servant.. she sees me as a dear friend. So, I didn't fix lunch for one.. It was for two.... the look on her face was priceless and she asked me if I'd pray for "our" lunch instead of her automatically praying like she has done. Love her like Jesus.

There's another woman who comes and stays with Ms. Mae in-between the time that I leave and when one of the immediate family comes. She came earlier than normal and I couldn't figure out why at first. Then, it struck me.... She is craving conversations with other women and not just her husband. We got to talking about the water therapy that Ms. Mae is starting today. I shared how much I had benefited from this type of therapy. The woman did not know that part of my story. The smile on her face was priceless along with the changes in her face due to a stroke she had years ago as I shared of how the Great Physician healed my body. Love her like Jesus.

Years ago we had the privilege of meeting a man and a woman at their home. We had been invited with my folks and my brother's family to share the 4th of July with them and numerous others. It became a tradition our whole family had until this year. Our friendship is deeper though the last couple of years than just the once a year visit. This man and woman are in such deep pain. Her mother's health is failing quickly. As I was in my Wednesday place in the foyer... I shared with him how our family could understand what they were going through... and he knew that all too well.... The look on his face.. the hugs..... Love him like Jesus.

The precious girl that now has a "spiritual birthday" was dancing in the foyer as she talked with her mom and my self. She was beyond excited about learning Bible verses and all the new friends she is making.... even the "adult friends"...... The look on her was priceless.. her dancing in the foyer... even more so.... Her life is not an easy one away from church... Love her like Jesus.

For those who were "fine".... there is always the question of, "Are they really?" And yet..... there are moments in life were fine does adequately describe where one is at. It can mean good.... it can mean not so much so..... it can mean a sort of limbo between bad, good or ugly. Love them like Jesus.

Who do you need to love like Jesus today? this very moment?

Where are you? in the valley, on the mountain top.... or in-between?

Jesus loves you wherever you are this very moment.

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