Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rumors. Taquitos. Serving Him.

There have been a few rumors going around.... I thought I would try to answer a few of them....

Rumor #1: Two Harleys were seen driving in and out of our church Monday morning. TRUE! They rode in and out of the room known as the sanctuary!

Rumor #2: A wiener dog named Sugar sang a special Tuesday morning: FALSE - She did walk across the stage where there's known to be singing. Sugar did not sing... she may have barked. Does that count as singing?

Rumor #3: Doctor J was in G-town today. TRUE! He also made a brief appearance at VBS. For those not in the know... Doctor J is our senior pastor who is supposedly on sabbatical...

Rumor #4: There were breakfast taquitos made by yours truly this morning in the volunteer lounge. TRUE & FALSE! What? I broke the eggs and scrambled the eggs but Ms. Sharon and others did the rest. Team effort all the way. They were served in the volunteer lounge unless you beat the rush and were there by 8:00 a.m.

Rumor #5: There was a woman named Cynthia helping me in the volunteer lounge today. TRUE! Thanks to all who introduced yourself to her. You truly made her feel welcome! Some thought I was nuts for asking a "visitor" to help in the volunteer lounge. Can we made that a macadamia nut please? She'll be back tomorrow... and the day after too.

Rumor #6: There were teenage kids running up and down the hallways today. TRUE! Ryan had them searching for staff members as part of their introduction into student ministry. Our very own Travman had to run to Randal's office, get him to write down on a piece of paper how much weight he has lost AND ALSO tell him he is looking a little skinny. BUT PEOPLE? There are always teenagers running up and down the hallways unless they're in the parking lots. Our teens ROCK! More on that to come.......

Rumor #7: We're having dogs tonight at 6:00 p.m. along with inflatables. TRUE! Sugar, the wiener dog will not be for dinner. That's just gross people! Nor will she be inflated and poured water on so kids can have a sugar ride. What are you people thinking huh?

Rumor #8: We're having our VBS Family Tonight instead of Friday or Sunday nights. TRUE! TRUE!!!!!! Why? Oh common now... If you've EVER worked VBS you know come those nights you are ready for VBS to be a memory. Fond memories. But still memories....... Like the corners of our minds... I apologize profusely if you could possibly hear me singing that in your corner.

Rumor #9: I am writing a book. TRUE & FALSE! What? To some my posts are too long so therefore - TRUE... FALSE! This in no way comes close to how long I can write or talk. (Read: Laugh people if you're not already)

Rumor #10: Serving Him is fun. Harleys? Wiener dogs named Sugar? Inflatables? Taquitos? VBS???? ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!!


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