Thursday, July 19, 2007

More Rumors. SERIOUS DANCING TIME!!!!!!!

Here are the rumors floating around today. Again, I think some answers are due.

Rumor #1: Staff members are greatly encouraged to come to the volunteer lounge. TRUE!!! There have been around 150 volunteers this week. What a great way to spend time getting to know each other! Thank you staff and volunteers for the pleasure of serving each one of you.

Rumor #2: Two Harleys were seen going in and out of the room called the sanctuary Wednesday night at VBS Family Night with our Jim and Dawn on them. TRUE! Only this time - all the children knew what to expect. The looks on their faces were still beyond cool.....

Rumor #3: Randal, aka our associate pastor, was forced to ride one of the Harleys in the parking lot. FALSE! He rode it because he feels that good man.

Rumor #4: There were TONS of people at VBS Family Night. TRUE!!! What a crowd! What fun!

Rumor #5: Our volunteers ROCK! TRUE! From decorating, to rockin' babies, chasing toddlers, crew leaders, games, snacks, making sandwiches/cookies, and etc.......

Rumor #6: There has been dancing in our sanctuary. TRUE!!! The children and adults alike are loving the music this week. You honestly cannot help but at least tap your foot people after all... we are in Texas!

Rumor #7: Ms. Cynthia was back in the volunteer lounge today. FALSE. :( She had a migraine. Pray for her. Hopefully she'll be back tomorrow morning.

Rumor #8: There were some off the hook Chicken Salad Sandwiches today. TRUE!!!! They were requested and they showed up big time! If you didn't get one...... I am truly sorry. I hear there will be fudge tomorrow.

Rumor #9: Teenagers and adults alike were using tongs in the lounge. TRUE! If I couldn't serve it... they used tongs to get it for themselves. (read: LAUGH PEOPLE!)

Rumor #10: This is actually the most important one of all. It is currently still being investigated for accurate reporting purposes. I believe there will be some serious dancing time involved if proven true.

ONE MORE DAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!

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