Friday, May 23, 2008

Fed X Man! Special Delivery.

Sometimes one just has to laugh....

Here's the scene:

I'm sitting here at the front desk in the foyer of the physical church building.

In walks the Fed X Man (yes, I know his real name) who says, "Special delivery for Camey."

He walks over and hands me the package.

He then says to me, "You still ___________." (this part will come at another time)

My reply was, "Nope. That's fixing to change." (blah, blah, blah)

His reply, "Sister, the Spiritual Warfare is deep, but keep pressing on. You and your hubby and your sons just keep on following the Lord and praising Him when others done think you are a fool."

We then proceeded to talk about my mobile home to which he busted out saying, "Don't you know that's right Camey! Keep on telling it like it is sister! You are loved by God!"

Now that's what I truly call a Special Delivery.....

Oh, and you reader are loved by God too. Here's hoping your home is mobile.

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