Friday, May 23, 2008

Servant Evangelism - A Thought or Two

Tomorrow morning is our monthly Love Granbury where we do acts of kindness. On the calendar is a free car wash at our local Wendy's. (That's a fast food chain here in Texas.) Notice the word there is free.

While this has been on our calendar for some time - what exactly we are going to be doing has not. Why a car wash tomorrow? It's suppose to be sunny, hot, and that makes for a great time to engage the great outdoors to sow seeds of kindness. Engaging our neighbors where they can be found.

Wendy's makes a decent burger and don't forget the frosty. It's also in the shopping center with a Home Depot, Starbucks, Wal-Mart.... just to name a few. That's where the "a thought or two" really comes in...

Servant Evangelism is not some complicated thing. It's as easy as some water, a little soap, elbow grease and a great location. All ages are welcome!

Who knew Servant Evangelism could be such fun too? (Ever participated in a car wash and not gotten wet? Or soap in your hair?)

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