Sunday, April 13, 2008

Unashamed. Austin's Public Surrender.

Brother G and I are thrilled to announce that Austin surrendered publically this morning to ministry as his way of living life. For to us, ministry is not a vocation alone. It is just like breathing. It is like taking one step in front of another. It is Loving Granbury (or wherever one is at) 365 days a year and not just on one weekend.

Austin is unashamed to be a Christ follower. It is evident in the moments of his very being.

I'm stopping now.... For the tears consume me. There is no greater joy as his mother... his parents.. than watching him live life for God.

We're thankful to call him temporarily ours.


Kevin Bussey said...

Must be a great feeling.

Camey said...

Unexplainable really Kevin. Words do not do it justice.

Micky said...

Camey ~ Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow for the incredible news about Austin. May God's hand be upon Him and upon you and Mr. G as you continue to guide him in the Way.

Camey said...


Words could never express our appreciation to you. We're thankful and blessed to call you our brother and friend.

We've had so many more people inquiring about Love Granbury since Sunday morning. I'm even more excited now. How does THAT happen?

We love ya man!

The G family