Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Fast Lane. Willing to Risk.

The Fast Lane:

One of the biggest blessings Brother G and I have is watching our sons as they grow in Christ. As I shared here Unashamed. Austin's Public Surrender - our sixteen-year-old is walking/living close with God these days. It is all the more evident since that day. Yesterday is a great example.

As we were getting ready to head to the physical church building for the day... I asked Austin if he had brought his lunch. He replied, "Nope. I'm fasting from food today." I just had to smile deeply. That kid kicks my butt honestly. But in a good way.....

It's been over a month now since this silly woman has had a Diet Coke or any dark cola product. Austin walks the talk. And God uses him to inspire and challenge this sister-in-Christ (aka his mom). This is his second time to fast from something in 3 months. His first, God used to speak to me about my drinking habits. As any of the women in my Bible study classes can attest.... I almost always had a drink (dark cola product) with me. If I did not have one with me - one of them would go buy me one. Yep..... I was addicted. It was a part of my routine. Giving up dark cola products has been one of the best things about having turned 40.

Willing to Risk:

I believe we are to share our ups and downs and in-between in life and living. And while at times they are for us - sometimes they are not or are a combination of both. In having given away or selling almost everything material wise in 2005 - there has been real freedom. God has used these years to constantly speak to me...... us.... about the difference between a house and home. I am willing to risk looking like a fool for Christ. Brother G and the boys are too.

Our joy is found in following God no matter how easy or difficult that might be.

For in every moment of living and life - for the Christ follower - home is found in Him.

Already Home and It's Mobile

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