Wednesday, April 2, 2008

No Ordinary Tuesday.

Tuesday is quickly becoming one of my favorite days of the week. It is totally cool watching how God is moving here in G-town. Not just on Sundays. Tuesdays even.

Yes, there was far more to what all took place in my class than I shared. That would have been more than enough to have made Tuesday be one of my favorite days. Ever. And I mean ever...

I teach Bible study and then work the rest of the day in the office. Confessing here - it's like I've been on the mountain top and in the valley deep while teaching and being with these women. Understand here - these are not all your typical Tuesday morning Bible study women. Far from it in fact... One of the new ones yesterday was not familiar at all with the Sermon on the Mount. The tears in the room were as real as my sitting in this chair writing this morning. And I am the old woman in this group. 40 never sounded so good. Bring it on! And don't forget the taxes...

There are times when we have individuals who seek assistance from our local church body whether they walk into the physical building or call. When we can meet the needs - we do. Yesterday, I put out an appeal for help in various ways. And people responded. Catch this - they may not meet who they are offering to help. Then again - they may. What matters most is that they are willing to help another. To give from the abundance that they have received. To give from the outpour of His love. It's all His anyway. Acts of Kindness. Servant Evangelism.

Sitting at the men's softball game I received another call offering to help. One of those times I was thankful I left my cell on. Our guys were off the charts last night. And for now - all I can really say is that God is using our men's and co-ed teams to reach the unchurched, the newly churched and those who are not yet believers. I hear that Shelley even got a double for the co-ed team after we left. And Ryan - well, he definitely broke a sweat. Brother G did not pitch for the men. That's a story for another time that I cannot wait to share. He is thankful to be the coach and the recreation person for our local church body.

One thing that makes the softball games all the more sweeter.... The two teams circle up after the game, hold hands and pray. After all - it is a time of fellowship between the different churches who are all a part of the family of God. A little competition thrown in - yes. But more of a coming together and having fun and being a tool that can be used for His glory alone. Yes, even softball can be a tool.

No ordinary Tuesday. And I remain blown away at how He works and how He moves in a town that was wanting to sleep but now is awakening.

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