Thursday, April 3, 2008


As I sit here reflecting back on the moments of today - one word keeps coming to my mind. Connectivity. It has been a day filled with hugging the toilet literally, sweet prayers from dear friends, messages through emails, facebook, myspace, and phone calls to name a few. Had I not been home due to being sick - the connectivity would not have been the same. Surely some of the connections would have been there - just not in the same ways or for the duration they took place.

One of organizations my daddy was a part of called today. When I told the man that my daddy was deceased he paused and then said, "I'm so sorry. I'll make a note of that on our records." The organization was The National Parkinson's Society. I could not help but tear up for a moment or two. My daddy did not need this organization. He had Jesus. He still does. And while there's no doubt there were times when their studies or testimonies gave him encouragement, they in no way could provide him with the hope that God could and without question did and still does.

It's often been said that I am like my daddy was. Never knowing a stranger. This afternoon, that rang just as true as ever. When my phone rang, it was a number that I had never known before. And yet by the time we said our "until next time" - it was like talking to an old friend. A brother in the deepest sense. He spurred me on.. encouraged me.. laughed at and with me.. and man oh man pulled what some have deemed "A Camey"... he ended by praying with me over the phone. Funny enough? Our connectivity has been there far longer than just the hour we were on our phones.

Connectivity? Who are you connected to throughout the moments of your day? your night?

And do you really realize they are not your own any way? They belong to Him if you are a Christ follower. It is all connected.

For those who connected with me today in various ways - I thank you.

And as always... you have been prayed for just now.

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