Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Wedding. RQM. The Gifts.

A Wedding:

A cousin of mine got married in a town not to far from here tonight. Funny enough? For a couple of weeks, there's been this on-going discussion of my getting something new to wear to the wedding. I wasn't the one really discussing this mind you. It was just being discussed. I wasn't the slightest bit worried about what I was going to be wearing tonight. Not the slightest.

As I sit here writing this, the wedding has taken place and the reception is in full swing. I've been getting blow by blow plays from hubby who drove my mom and her boyfriend to the celebration. You see, I'm at home tonight. Actually sitting here writing this in my woobie - an oversized white robe. I look like a marshmallow. I've been at home since Thursday morning. Yep. No need to worry about what I was going to be wearing tonight. My cousin? My not being there did not stop her from getting married.


Really quiet moments. I've had a good bit of those due to being home since Thursday morning. And yet at the same time - I've communicated in various forms and fashions with individuals all over the world. Goes back to connectivity. Really quiet moments are some of my favorite for the audible voice does not necessarily have to be heard but listened to.

The Gifts:

Funny enough? I see having been sick since Thursday morning as a gift. Even though we've had enough sickness in G-town to last several years now. I'm still thankful..

The woobie (lovingly given that name by my hubby) was a gift to me from one of my sister-in-laws at Christmas. She knows me well enough to know that I don't do spas but enjoy an oversized comfy robe that is big/long enough to cover me should we have unexpected guests show up at our front door. I confess - I've been living in the woobie since Thursday morning. It's soft. It's comfy. I won't apologize.

Hubby makes breakfast on Saturday mornings usually. Today was no different. He suggested that I just try one pancake instead of a stack. Parker came into the room when I was finished and asked if he could take my plate. (Again - this takes place almost every Saturday morning). When I said he could... he looked at me and said, "Well? Don't you have a comment for the chef? for dad?" He was right. I normally send back a message with him and not just the empty plate. I couldn't help but smile deeply.

Back a few weeks ago - we started having more volunteers around the physical church building during office hours. One is named Linda C. What a gift she has been! I knew she could handle things without me being there Thursday and Friday. She did so with grace.

There are other gifts that I have been given that I will share at other times. Too numerous to name at the moment for which I remain ever so thankful and ready to pour out when the timing is His not mine.


This just in: Hubby just called to say my mom caught the bouquet. I kid you not. 20 somethings all around and 65-year-old woman caught it! Oh....... grace........

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