Monday, March 31, 2008

Local Church Body News...

Kindness Explosion 08 is just around the corner, April 11th and 12th. This is our Love Granbury (G-town) event for April. This is where church bodies from all over Granbury gather together for worship and prayer before and after heading out into our town and surrounding communities to share God's love with others through Servant Evangelism.

"At this time we have 3 projects…which are working on widow houses, full service gas station and grocery carry out, and flyer handouts about healthy kids. It is okay if you can only participate in the service project. That is where we need the most hands on deck. Please let know by tomorrow at noon if you need t-shirts. We will keep all families together throughout the project." (per Shelley)

Our family (Hubby, Austin, Travis, Parker and myself) have been a part of almost every single one since they first started. Priceless times we have all come to treasure and look forward to. It is better than any movie you could see together as a family or any place you might go to eat... We encourage you to really give considerable prayer and thought to being a part of this. We promise - it will impact your life. It cannot help but do so. I know personally from what I speak of.

Stay tuned for more details and for testimonies of how simple acts of kindness can have life changing results!

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