Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"It Will Only Strengthen Us."

That was said to me last night by our youngest son as we were discussing a storm we are going through right now. For those who have said, "Camey, you sure are having a lot of RQMs lately."... you are definitely right as far as blogging goes. (RQM - really quiet moments)

Actually, I haven't been all that quiet. I've been crying out to God without using audible words. So has hubby and the boys. We are grieving a loss (well it is more than one actually) that words cannot do justice to. No, not the loss of my daddy for daddy is not now nor was he then lost. He is totally found. This is a loss (losses) of a different kind. One that I am not willing to share much detail on at the moment for there are still so many decisions left to be made.

I do ask that you pray for the G family. Much of what is going on is spiritual warfare. It will only strengthen us.... I have no doubt. For we know Who wins and in that is much comfort and peace even when we do not understand all the ends and outs.

If you know of a church body looking for a pastor, associate pastor, or ???? I'm incredibly blessed to be married to a man who loves God and is willing to serve Him no matter the cost.

As always... you have been prayed for this moment wherever you are at.

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