Thursday, April 10, 2008

April 10th, 1988 - A Day in the Lives..

Some people celebrate their wedding anniversary. That's all good and fine. For hubby and I, we choose to celebrate the day we first met. The day that we walked into each other's lives and things would never be the same again. How God worked then and how He never has stopped.

This morning I am worshipping God. I am giving thanks to Him for the most incredible man I've ever known other than Jesus and my daddy. If you would have told me then that a simple act of turning around and inviting another person to sit with me and my friends so that individual would not be sitting alone would have the impact that it did ........ it would have blown my mind. Frankly, still does. A simple act of kindness.....

As I sit here thinking back over the 20 years - half of my life now... it is no surprise that I love this man even more deeply than yesterday or the day before or the day we married. His love for God is undeniable. And therefore, it is for me as his wife as well.

We have known the depth of joy and of sorrow. We have danced in the pouring rain. We have had the talks that most never want to entertain. Done things that most never want to do. And we have grown in Christ and in our marriage in ways that are being written on the pages of our lives.... eternity.

One thing we both believe with all our hearts, bodies, souls and minds...

Surrendered to God is the best way to truly be alive and live life in His abudance of amazing grace.


Kevin Bussey said...

Congrats! We celebrate 20 in June

bryan said...

Happy Anniversary, Camey!!!

Camey said...


Thanks! 20 years these days is a big thing.