Tuesday, April 8, 2008

All Access Pass. Be Careful What You Pray For.

There's this woman. Yesterday she asked me about the latest news in my life like she always does. In the midst of sharing with her about how God is working in my/our life, she said the following words to me...

"Camey, you have an all access pass here. Whatever stories I can help you share I will. It's no coincidence that this is happening now. That we are connected in the ways in which we are. There are individuals whose stories of helplessness to victory need to be told. You have our full support. Whatever we can do, we will."

I must confess to being a little blown away. "All access pass"..... those words are not heard often in certain circles. This woman loves others like Jesus. She is one of the kindest and compassionate women I've ever known in my life. I'm so incredibly thankful to call her my sister in Christ.

It also reminded me to be careful what you pray for. Since Sunday night a week plus ago now I've been praying for real confirmation about something new in my life and yet like breathing for me. That confirmation has definitely been given no matter who all else may be involved or how.

That's one thing about being a Christ follower... We do have an all access pass to Him. He is not closed behind some door with guards standing watch outside.

What are you praying for?

And are you trusting Him with things you've only dreamed of before?

Love others like Jesus today...


Kevin Bussey said...


Cool stuff. I'm just praying what I've been praying for 6 months that my kids would see Jesus work like only He can. The good news is He is. The bad news is it is hard on me. Funny huh!

Camey said...


Thanks. No doubt He is. I believe as a parent we should keep on praying that prayer for our children. As for being hard on you... or me.. or whomever.. funny is a word with many definitions.

Good to see you today!