Thursday, March 6, 2008

Reflecting Moments.

There are moments in life where we are a part of things that come and go. We think it is for one time - one span of fleeting moments. One such time I spoke about here: High Heels. Raspberries.

Little did I know that the woman I met that day would show up in the current Bible study I'm teaching on the Sermon on the Mount. There's a questionnaire each woman participating has to fill out for me as we begin each new study. As I read the last question which asks, "Any thing going into this study you think would be helpful for me to know?" - her answer was one that rang in my soul and through my brown high heels. I looked up at her and she smiled deeply at me.... I could not help but go put my arms around her and hug her tight. Her name is Mary.

Another woman answered that same question, "You know my parents." I had been on staff with her mom at another ministry and had often spent many moments praying for her, her husband, and their daughter with her mom. Here she was now sitting in my class having moved to G-town. The connection with her parents goes even deeper. My in-laws had once upon a time gone on a mission trip with them to Kenya. Hubby and I did not really know them then even though we were a part of that same local body. There is another connection that I will keep silent on here. Her name is Debra.

As we were going around the room, the women were introducing themselves to the group. One shared that she was awakened at 4:30 a.m. knowing she was supposed to come to my class instead of the one she was intending on going to. Then, she said, "I heard you speak some time ago at an event. We met that day. I still remember so much about what you said that day." Her name is Kathleen.

Another shared that after sitting with me at lunch last Tuesday and hearing the women who had been in that class talk about me... she knew she had to be in this class. Then she put it together whose wife I am.... Brother G and her hubby had played softball together in the fall and will be again here in a couple of weeks too. Her name is Tricia.

The point of this is simple.... The moments are not fleeting even though they come and go. Prayers prayed will not return void. We must be intentional about our moments for they are not truly ours alone. And God can and does use any ordinary Tuesday to do extraordinary things. I am so thankful to be a part in whatever ways He allows me.

Reflecting moments. May they only reflect His grace, mercy, love, peace and forgiveness.

Please pray for these women and the others involved in the class. And for their teacher who is walking along side of them learning as we go following The Master.

Wearing High Heels Can Be A Testimony of the Great Physician's Power


bryan said...

I prayed for you and the class today. Sounds like it's going gr8!

Camey said...

Thanks Bryan! Appreciate the prayers and the encouragement.