Wednesday, January 9, 2008

High Heels. Raspberries.

High Heels:

This morning as I reflect back upon yesterday... I have to praise the Lord for high heels. The women's ministry of our local church body had its kick-off for this semester's offerings. As a part of my visual aid for the marriage class that I am teaching.. I was dressed in a skirt and had all of my hair down straight. Skirts for me almost always mean high heels. I mean high, high heels.

The women were given the opportunity to come to each table and sign up for whichever offering best suited their needs or want. I saw her walking towards me and began to smile. I had not seen this friend in a few months. She introduced the woman that was with her and began to share with her about my story..... She especially pointed out the fact that I was wearing high heels. The woman started rubbing her arms because she had the shivers... She then explained to me..

She had a child that had a form of muscular dystrophy. He died 5 years ago.. In May of 2008, it will be 5 years since I was completely healed. She welled up with tears at the fact that not everyone who has a form of muscular dystrophy dies. And I have never been so thankful to be wearing high heels on a Tuesday morning. And yes, I have the reputation of even running in them in the parking lot racing Parker to the van.


Tonight starts the parenting class that Brother G and I are teaching. So as a part of studying up on the subject of parenting again... I did what I thought would yield the best research for this time of the day..

I walked into their room... went over to their bunk beds. Sat on the lowest bunk and gave Parker raspberries on his back to wake him up. Laughter is a great way to wake that kid up!

Praise You oh Lord for the gift of high heels and raspberries!

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