Monday, March 3, 2008

This Community Does It Right.

Our community had another teenager die last night. She was sixteen years old. Tonight, there is a gathering at the local church body in which she was a part of for all who knew her. Not just those who went to that church... All who knew her and her family.

One thing I can say about Shelley and Ryan, without question, is that they are becoming experts in dealing with grief and student ministry since their short time here. They have cancelled what our student body had planned for tonight so that it did not keep anyone from attending the gathering at the other church. Shelley and Ryan will walk through these days with the part-time intern student minister at that church.

Please be in prayer for all involved. There were three teens involved in the car accident. I cannot begin to imagine what her two sisters are going through right now nor her parents. Of course, our community is still fresh from Josh's passing.

This community does it right. And I, for one, am thankful to know that when times like these happen - what church someone belongs to or attends does not matter. All are welcome.

(Shelley and Ryan... You two are loved beyond words.)

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