Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Whom Have I In Heaven?

Yesterday, I was told that I was being watched by a few individuals to see how I would handle a certain situation. Apparently, it is fascinating to some how I deal with my mother dating and especially Hoover's recent heart surgery and hospital stay. One thing about the conversation really struck me....

The individual told me that they thought about me when singing, "Whom have I in Heaven but You" Sunday morning. That they knew my response was no one. The individual does not quite understand how that could be... why do I not respond, "my daddy."

Like I told this individual... There is no question that I loved my daddy dearly. Yes, there are times when I miss that goofy man. But he was just that... a man.

Jesus wasn't just a man. Had he been... he would still be in a tomb.. He's Not.

And let's not lose sight of one of the most important things about life... Living for Him.

For in the end... it matters not who gave me birth... but who gave me New Life.

Whom have I in Heaven? The same ONE who is with me right now this moment...

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